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Content that says          the right things.

✨ One absolutely clear structure
✨ A heaping spoonful of readability
✨ A sprinkle of SEO

Well, it’s not really magic.
But it does have some special ingredients: 

Everyone’s buzzing about content. It magically draws streams of traffic—and potential leads—straight from search engines to your site. 

It falls to the wayside once. Then again. And pretty soon, the blog turns into the thing-that-we-avoid-mentioning.

You dread it.

Writing clear, consistent content that’s on-brand, engaging, and delivers value is                               But creating two or three high-quality blog posts each month—on top of all your other tasks—quickly turns into a chore. 


Wouldn’t you rather get a fresh batch of content delivered straight to your inbox once or twice a month?

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PER 1000 words.

Prices start at $500

(Not included: fluff and filler.)

  • Topic research
  • Interviews, if needed
  • Keyword integration
  • A thoughtful, high-quality draft
  • Image sourcing 
  • Internal and external links
  • One round of revisions

What does content writing include?

(Psst! That’s what I do.)

Content can draw readers to your site, get people talking, build your authority—or all of the above. You want your content to stand out from all the other stuff out there. That means it’s got to be well-researched, engaging, clearly structured, and value-packed. 

Content Writing






Ah, that moment when you receive an email that represents all the work you didn’t have to do. 

Your only job now is to let me know if edits are needed—if so, leave me some comments, and I’ll get to them right away. 

Then, upload to your blog and hit publish. Woot!

Ping! You’ve got mail (and options)

I put together an outline, and then do even more research to fill in any gaps. 

Next, I draft, clickety-clacking on the keyboard to my heart’s content while you sip an iced matcha on your deck. 

Finally, I comb through your piece multiple times to revise and edit.

Furious typing ensues

This is the most important part. You complete a brief to tell me about the topic, audience, and purpose. 

Based on the brief, I’ll determine my first steps, like So Much Research and, for some projects, interviewing subject matter experts (SME).

Brief me

Here’s how it works: 

As soon as I started looking for freelance writers, I immediately reached out to Kelly. We were already connected on Twitter and I had seen her posting from time to time about her work as a freelance writer. From these posts, I could tell Kelly had a strong work ethic and was the kind of writer I was looking for. I was right! Every month, Kelly delivers well-written and thoroughly researched articles for our website. She never misses a deadline, is open to feedback, and is genuinely a pleasure to work with. 

I'm so glad Kelly is part of our team of freelance writers at G2 — we're lucky to have her.

Mara Calvello, Content Marketing Manager, G2

We've had the opportunity to work with Kelly on a number of projects, looping her in with both our retainer and project clients. She consistently delivers excellent, well-researched, and thought-provoking content. Kelly has quickly become one of our go-to content writers and I would recommend her to anyone considering working with a freelance writer. 

Kelly has quickly become one of our go-to content writers and I would recommend her to anyone considering working with a freelance writer. 

Alex George, Founder, Mountains Wave Marketing

As a journalist, I know the importance and power of our words.  
I was THRILLED with Kelly's ability to synthesize my mission and help me get my story out in a conversational manner that will land with my ideal clients. Kelly was also so much FUN to work with. She was detail-oriented, punctual, and passionate about her work. I highly recommend her for your next copywriting project.  

She was detail-oriented, punctual, and passionate about her work.

Meredith Allan, Motivational Speaker and TV Talk Show Host

From web to blog to ad copy, Kelly's knack for harnessing our brand voice has changed the game and provided such a consistent and solid foundation to lean on. She is empathetic and knowledgeable, and isn't afraid to push back and share feedback that make your work better and your messaging truly shine.

Kelly has an incredible talent for bringing clarity and heart 
to ideas through her writing.

Carly Valancy, Community & Storytelling, Primer.com

We worked with Kelly on behalf of our education technology client, and we were impressed with both her writing skills and clear passion for education that came through in her work. She delivered her article both on time and seamlessly aligned with our client's brand standards. Kelly was an absolute joy to work with, and we look forward to hiring her for future opportunities!

Kelly was an absolute joy to work with, and we look forward to hiring her for future opportunities!



+ I’m not exactly sure what topics I want to cover on my blog. Will you come up with the ideas, too? 

Strategy, ideating, and creating briefs are separate services. (They’re actually “secret menu items”—email me if you want to learn more!) For most content projects, I only work with clients who can create clear, detailed briefs. 

+ Will you send me an outline before you write? 

Absolutely. If you want to approve and give feedback on an outline, we’ll build that into our timeline. 

+ Do you outsource to other writers or have a team? 

Nope. It’s just little ol’ me behind my computer. I’m a teeny bit (okay, a lot) particular about quality and prefer to do things myself. I research, write, edit, respond to emails, and make revisions—and drink lots of coffee. 

+ Can you really create blog posts that sound like me? 

I’ve written in all kinds of tones and styles for clients, from buttoned-up professional to friendly and conversational to fun-and-happy-and-free. I know how it is important to stay on brand, all the time. So, I’ll carefully read your brief and study any other marketing materials or existing blog posts—and capture that same style in what I write for you. 

+ How far ahead should I book?

Great question! My content writing services are actually all booked up for the next three months. I’m happy to add you to the waitlist though if you reach out!

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